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How we design our toy collections:

We design our collections to provide your child with a range of skill development and learning specific to their developmental stage, and to keep them engaged throughout the three month rental period. We also consider factors, such as, what the toy is made of, where and how it's manufactured and the sustainability of the brand. Our toys are simple in design and appearance to help your child understand the purpose of the toy and focus on the skill that is being developed. 

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Please note that all of our toys have passed a choke tube test, but we recommend that your child always be supervised while playing. Additionally, some of these toys are difficult to source, as they are made in small batches in Europe. Therefore, you may occasionally receive a different model than listed that will offer the same developmental learning.


(The items listed below may be updated without notice as we continue to source new products.)

Here are the toys you'll find in each collection:

0-3 Months Subscription Box

  • Munari Montessori mobile (hand-made in France)

  • Octahedrons Montessori mobile (hand-made in France)

  • Gobbi Montessori mobile (hand-made in France)

  • Black and white image cards (Wee Gallery)

  • Hanging grasping toy (Heimess)

  • Hanging stroller chain (Heimess)

  • Wooden grasping toy (Grimm's)

  • Wooden beaded grasping ball (Heimess)

3-6 Months Subscription Box

  • Dancers Montessori mobile (hand-made in France)

  • Hanging grasping toy (Heimess)

  • Hanging grasping toy II (Heimess)

  • Cube rattle (Grimm's)

  • Interlocking rings (Heimess)

  • Rattle with grasping balls (Heimess)

  • Fish rattle (Grimm's)

  • Ring rattle (Heimess)

  • Clapping rattle (Walter)

  • Ring rattle II (Heimess)

6-9 Months Subscription Box

  • Ring rattle (Grimm's)

  • Atom rattle (Vilac)

  • Beaded rattle (Heimess)

  • Rocking penguin (Plan Toys)

  • Rolling grasper (Walter)

  • Beeping ball (Plan Toys)

  • Sensory tumblers (Plan Toys)

  • Ball in cup (Grapat)

  • Bells on velcro strap (Goki)

9-12 Months Subscription Box

  • Egg shaker (Goki)

  • Crank music box (Goki)

  • Rolling clapper (Plan Toys)

  • Single shape puzzles (Montessori material)

  • Soft ball ('cause)

  • Object permanence box (Montessori material)

  • Wooden car (Plan Toys)

  • Ring stacker (Plan Toys and Grapat)

  • Bead maze (Hape)

12-15 Months Subscription Box

  • 3 circles puzzle (Montessori material)

  • Hammer balls (Plan Toys)

  • Cube blocks (Grimm's)

  • Pull toy (Grimm's)

  • Nesting cylinders (Plan Toys)

  • Nesting boxes (Plan Toys)

  • Coin box (Montessori material)

  • Ring stacker (Plan Toys)

  • Pop-up toy (Galt)

15-18 Months Subscription Box

  • Puzzle (Plan Toys)

  • Nesting bowls (Grimm's)

  • Nuts and bolts (Plan Toys)

  • Lacing spool set (Grimm's)

  • Box with 3 bins (Montessori material)

  • Peg puzzles (Hape)

  • Horizontal dowel (Montessori material)

  • Clapper and maraca (Plan Toys)


18-21 Months Subscription Box

  • Puzzle (Goki)

  • Lacing beads (Hape)

  • Ring stacker (Plan Toys)

  • Pounding bench (Plan Toys)

  • Rattle (Plan Toys)

  • Matching cards (Goki)

  • Pull toy (Plan Toys)

  • 2 dressing frames (Montessori material)

21-24 Months Subscription Box

  • Puzzles (Goki)

  • Rocket stacker (Plan Toys)

  • 2 dressing frames (Montessori material)

  • Jumping acrobat (Plan Toys)

  • Ordering blocks (Plan Toys)

  • Drum (Plan Toys)

  • Sorting tray (Montessori material)

24-36 Months Subscription Boxes

Programming is in development. Stay tuned!

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