Our Brands

We choose the brands included in our boxes based on a variety of criteria. We consider the developmental attributes of the toys; sustainability of the brand; where they toys are made; the conditions under which the toys are made; safety of the materials used in the toys; durability and quality; how materials are sourced; packaging materials; aesthetics and beauty; etc.


These toys are handmade ethically and sustainably in Germany and Bosnia, and are inspired by educational methodologies such as Waldorf and Montessori. They are beautiful toys that inspire play from children and adults alike. They are made using FSC-certified wood, and non-toxic stains rather than paints so that you can feel the grain of the wood. 


Grapat produces beautiful open-ended toys that are handmade in Spain. Non-toxic stains and oils allow the grain of the wood to show through, and the feel of the wood in your hand really connects you to nature. Sustainably-harvested beech and birch wood is used to make the toys, and employees are self-managed within a shared-authority structure.

Plan Toys

Made from local rubberwood trees that no longer produce latex, these toys are sustainably and ethically made in Thailand. Plan Toys uses non-toxic paints, non-formaldehyde glue, and a chemical-free wood drying process. Their factory uses solar energy, and they re-purpose their wood by-product into biomass energy to power their operations. They have even figured out how to use the sawdust and tree branches to produce "PlanWood", used to make many toys. 


These beautiful wooden baby toys have been made in Germany for the past 60 years at their factory near Stuttgart. They are made from local maple, beech and walnut trees and contain non-toxic, water-based paints.


These toys are made in Germany or China, and use non-toxic water-based paints. The fabric toys are certified Oeko-Tex Standard Class 1. Employees in both countries receive above-average wages, health insurance and pension. 







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